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Clevrfx Low Drawdown Verified Results Automated Trading Advanced AI

$180 - $750

Product Overview

Manual traders lose money. Clevrfx is an advanced trading AI that can instantly help you turn into a profitable trader by using proven mathematical and statistical methods.

  • 3 year audited track record
  • 10% - 20% ROI monthly
  • Profits on autopliot
  • Prop firm compatible
  • No experience required
  • Equity protection
  • Any broker
  • Stress free trading

Instantly Turn Into A Profitbale Trader

The harsh reality is 98% of manual traders lose money. Clevrfx is an advanced trading AI that can instanlty help you turn into a profitable trader by using proven mathematical and statistical methods to drive it’s trading automation. Taking away all human inputs that hold back manual traders to make a prefect trader, which is reflected in our audited trackrecord. A 3 year audited track record verified by myfxbook showing high returns with little risk possible. Say goodbye to long days glued to the computer, the stress, and uncertainty of day trading and hello to financial freedom. Get your copy of Clevrfx today!

3 Reasons Why

24/7 Auto Trading

Auto open, managing and closing trades 24 hours of the day completly hands free. Guaranteed to never miss a trading setup even while you sleep.

No Human Emotions

Human emotions is why 90% of traders lose money. Clevr strictly trades it’s strategy without human emotions interfering.

Passive Income

Doesn’t require much attention or effort. Just install and Clevr will handle all the trading using time tested systems.

Verified Proof Clevrfx Works

28 Month Verified Winning Streak

Verifed by

Check Faq for myfxbook links

What’s Included

  • 1)Clevrfx Advance Ea
  • 2)1 demo license and 1 live license
  • 3)Clevrfx manual
  • 4)Video installation Guide
  • 5)Clevrfx Private Community Discord

How To Install

Frequently Ask Question

Clevrfx is an advanced trading Ai that automates your trading using mathematical and statistical methods. It was design to turn retail traders instantly profitable.
Clevfx is an advanced trading Ai that operates highly on mathematical and statistical methods. Does over thousands of calculations in seconds. It auto opens and closes operations much faster and more efficient than humanly possible 24 hours of the day, making sure to never miss an opportunity. Clevrfx does not sleep and has no emotions. Removing human error completely from the equation to make it the most lethal solution for unprofitable traders around the world.

$100 minimum starting balance.

$500 is recommended.

Check out our verified myfxbook results. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. We avg about 10% – 20% profit monthly out the box.
Yes, a vps is required to have the copytrader software running 24/7. The vps we trust: https://www.vpsforextrader.com/aff.php?aff=5138
Yes, you can use any broker. However, for the best results use our USA broker – http://t.lqdfx.com/?t=uv4kGb International broker - https://www.vantagemarkets.com/?affid=NzE1Mjc
After purchase you will receive a manual on how to install and will have a lot size recommendation chart. If for whatever reason you feel lost, support is always there to help.
Yes, Clevrfx does have verified results with myfxbook. For the most up to date links please message us on telegram here - https://t.me/Clevrfx

We Helped Over 1,000s Of Traders Instantly Turn Profitable


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